Mega Nutrition Organic Superfood

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Close Rejuvenate… Revitalize… Regenerate… Renew… And Rebuild Your Body—And Dramatically Improve Your Health An…


Josh Gillis says:

What’s in it?

Renee de says:

I thought I posted that I did break up the first 30 days by doing The Master Cleanse.. I really like the product and will continue to use it.. I think it might be just that one Super Addition needed. I am not big into protein powders for some reason.. Well I don’t do milk or soy.. So that might be part of it huhh? lol Give me another month and to get it in this old body to really be sure.. I am trying to rebuild since chemo and being older.. Mr B better be right!!

Antonio Jaime Meireles Nunes says:

What now, Renee? Was Mr. B right?! It’s important the comments…

rickyritardo says:

It’s been a month. What do you think now?

Keith Junor says:

Great comment. Keep putting good food into your body and it will repair and renew itself and give you energy and vitality.

Nancy Kustermann says:

That’s exactly what my daughter said. She is drinking it with cold water and loves it!! I mainly did it due to the taste. I think I need to go for it and do it the proper way. Thank you for your comment.

mandograssable says:

Why would you want to put such a bad food as chocolate milk with the food that you are trying to regenerate your body with? Dairy products are terrible for the body, along with the sugar.

Nancy Kustermann says:

Can you mix this with chocolate milk to help the taste…I like it better that way. I am feeling light headed could this be a side effect?

Renee de says:

Great! I need it! Just finished the second scoop for the day…. Let you know about the dramatic difference in 30 days! 🙂

Keith Junor says:

You will notice a difference and a lot more the longer you drink it.

Renee de says:

Just had my first smoothie with Mega Nutrition….. I will be drinking it twice a day for the next 30 days to see if I can feel the noticeable difference it promises. Mr. B better be right!!

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